Carmela DiVentura was born in Abruzzo, Italy into a family with vast culinary talent and restaurant expertise. Having moved to America, they settled in New Jersey and now own and operate multiple well known and highly regarded Restaurants. Among them are Filomena Cucina Italiana in Blackwood, New Jersey - Filomena Cucina Rustica in Berlin, New Jersey - Filomena Lakeview in DeptFord, New Jersey and Green House in Margate, New Jersey. She has spent her entire life in the restaurant environment, learning from her family every aspect of what it takes to own and operate a successful restaurant.



It was in New Jersey where she met her soon to be husband, Zoran (Zoro) Lakovic. Zoro was born in Montenegro, Yugoslavia and had studied to become a Merchant Marine Captain who would soon travel the world for a number of years. He was also born into a family of restaurant entrepeneurs, and they now own and operate the widely known and well respected Il Corsaro in Barcelona, Spain. It was from them that he garnered his passion for food. While he traveled the world with the Merchant Marines he was able to sample foods from many different countries, thereby greatly expanding his knowledge of the use of many new and different spices and cooking techniques. He watched closely, listened and learned everything he could from the locals. He had always had a desire to visit he did, and he eventually landed in New Jersey, where he met and married the love of his life, Carmela. Armed with their combined knowledge of food preparation and the passion to share it with the world, he and his new wife Carmela, sought out a place to open their own restaurant, and after choosing San Marcos, California as their destination, they brought Carmela Cucina Italiana to life!

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